Forks Church Cemetery




  • Forks Cemetery has been GPS mapped thanks to a local Forks Township young man, Elliot Sweeney.  During late 2014 Elliot adopted Forks Cemetery as his Eagle Scout project.

Forks Cemetery is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) "not for profit" entity.

The project involved more than 300 hours and the photograghing of and establishing GPS coordinates for nearly 4,000 monuments on the cemetery grounds.

Elliot's  work can be found by visiting  After downloading the App, a search conducted will display the requested headstone and its location on the cemetery.  We are currently uploading more monuments.

Thanks, Elliot.

Plot transfers

If you wish to transfer ownership of a plot, you will need proof of ownership (original deed, last will and testament, bill of sale etc.)  Deeds will be prepared and issued for a $50.00 fee. 

A deed grants the right for burial of human remains in a designated area of the burial grounds.