Forks Church Cemetery


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are plots available for sale?
A: Yes.  In the old (main) section a burial space is available for $750.00;

 in the new section, a plot costs $950.00.  Perpetual care is included.  We have never had any assessments.

Q: Are interments conducted year round?
A: Yes, the cemetery operations continue throughout the year.  Interments during snow months may incur additional charges for snow removal.


Q:How are the cemetery grounds maintained

A: Forks Cemetery has no  paid employees.  Directors and officers serve without compensation.  Grave openings and closings, grass mowing, snow removal and general grounds maintenance are contracted.


Q: Are cemetery records maintained securely?

A: Yes, historical records are archived while plot and interment records are now maintained in computerized form.  Membership in the cemetery attaches to plot ownership.  A member is entitled to one vote at the annual plot holder's meeting each May regardless of how many plots are owned.


Q: May I plant flowers or shrubs on my plot or place personal items on the grave site?

A: Any live plantings require the approval of the Board of Directors.  Since live plantings can detrimentally impact grass mowing and affect the rights of neighboring plot owners, discretion must be used.  Plots with aproved live plantings must be properly maintained in a dignified manner or the live growth will be removed at the expense of the owner.

Shrines of personal items are not permitted.  Permanent markers or monumnets, only, are allowed.  Temporary metal name markers provided by funeral homes are to be removed not later than 180 days after interment.


Q: What is perpetual care?

A: Perpetual care is part of all plot sales.  It means the cemetery will pay for grounds maintenance, road maintenance and general upkeep costs such as providing waste receptacles. A large part of each plot sale must ve diverted to a perpetual care fund.  The state od PA regulates perpetual care funding.  Only the earnings from a perpetual care fund may be used for general operating expenses.


Q: Who is responsible for tomb stone maintenance or damage?

A: Plot owners (or their families) are responsible for the cost of cleaning and repairing foundations and monuments.  A homeowner's insurance policy may provide coverage.  Any structural repairs to foundations or monuments must be carried out by a cemetery approved contractor.

Q: How should damage be reported?

 A: In addition to reporting damage to the cemetery using contact information on this site, you may need to report it to police authorities and insurance companies.  Forks Township police patrol the cemetery property.