Forks Church Cemetery



About our history

It is 2024    -  A columbarium is planned for this spring.  More information about location, prices etc. soon.

Forks Church Cemetery  has been in existence for more than 250 years.  Our earliest record is dated 1761. 


The "old graveyard" situate near the church parking lot is the location of the earliest interments.  Our records identify burials in this section primarily by row number.  For example: OS-18 indicates a grave in row 18 of the old section.


Computerized records

Cemetery officials maintain a database of approximately 12,000 records allowing a quick search of burials, plots, remaing plots for sale, decedents' dates of death and notes.


Interment regulations

A full size plot may be used for:

1. A single traditional burial with a vault required.

2. A single vault and a single urn for ashes.

3. Two urns for ashes.  We do not require a vault for interment of ashes.